Friday, May 28, 2010

Plastic Bertrand - "Sha La La La Lee"

The next installment in my listening to/obsessing about/writing about the records I found in Scotland blog post series...

Plastic Bertrand's "Ca Plane Pour Moi" is a guaranteed dance floor filler every time it's played at Hungry Beat! The style of dancing that it usually inspires is at least as entertaining, and sometimes even more entertaining than the song itself.

"Sha La La La Lee" was one of the first records I found while shopping at Elvis Shakespeare in Edinburgh. I think that I already knew that "Sha La La La Lee," and "Ca Plane Pour Moi" were separate singles, but that didn't stop me from checking the other side of the record with nervous anticipation and excitement. Even though my first guess was right, I immediately recalled the couple of times that I'd heard "Sha La La La Lee" in the past and was immediately very very excited again.

There's absolutely nothing to analyze here. The song is every bit as stupid, and fun, and raucous as you could hope for a single from a Belgian punk outfit who essentially did the whole thing for a laugh. Raise the volume on your computer speakers as loud they will go, press play on the posted video, and jump around until you feel dizzy and giddy and all of the other things that great pop music should make you feel.


Marion said...
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Marion said...

Author Revision: Plastic Bertrand is Belgian not French as I originally posted. This should (but will it really?) teach me to always double check every fact before I post it, no matter how certain I feel I am of that fact...

Thanks to Fire Escape Talking for the alert!

g said...

Ahhh, memories!
One of my favourites albums also :)
Never fails!
Thanks for awesome radio-shows, Marion.