Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nothing to Do So I Thought About You

I'm just re-reading the Vaselines show review that I stayed up all of the Tuesday night before I left for New York attempting to complete. I still feel like it's just on the verge of being an acceptable representation of my thoughts on the show, but instead it's just reading pointless rambling. The most frustrating part about the whole thing is that I feel like I am only a sentence or two off from the review being an acceptable, and perhaps even borderline compelling read.

Oh well, I have to hope that once all of the Popfest anticipation/afterglow has worn off (one down one to go) I'll be better able to sort my thoughts about other live music related things. Speaking of Popfests, I'm in the process of jotting down my thoughts about the New York fest so that I can compose some proper reviews (of both New York and San Francisco Popfests) upon my arrival home next week...

While composing the aforementioned thoughts I've been watching some video highlights from New York. You can watch a great deal of videos from the weekend here:


For now though, I will leave you only with this video of the Tartans performing "Cats of Camerford." I was quite taken with their sound as a five piece. Several days of touring served them very well as they sounded tighter, and more confident than I had ever heard them sound before. Brian Young's presence was a very welcome one, especially on any song to which he added a saxophone part.

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Seriously said...

Just a quick FYI on a show we're (The Rio Bravo) helping put on for a great cause @ Spaceland this Sunday. We really dig what you guys do and could use all the help. The show is us, The We Barbarians, and Deep Sea Diver. We might have some very cool special guests, but everything depends on the availability of the said special guests.

$10.00 presale/ $15.00 @ the door